A Guide for Patients Who’ve Had a Tooth Extraction

After having a tooth extracted, it’s vital to allow a blood clot to form at the extraction site. Biting on a piece of gauze for half an hour after the surgery helps stop the bleeding and makes it easier for the clot to form. In case you’re still bleeding afterward, you can change the gauze and bite on it for another 30 minutes or so.

Once the clot has formed, you should avoid intense rinsing, sucking on straws, smoking, drinking alcohol, and brushing the extraction site for three days. Doing any of this may disturb the clot, cause bleeding, and slow down healing. You should also avoid intense physical activity for a day.

There may be some discomfort and swelling once your anesthetic wears off. You can apply an ice bag to your cheek to help soothe the swelling. It typically goes away after about two days.

You should also take pain medication as directed by your doctor. If the pain is still there, reach out to us for instructions. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. You need to take them as instructed.

After a day has gone by, you need to go back to brushing and flossing. Proper oral hygiene will facilitate healing and lower the chances of infection.