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Whether you want natural-looking All-on-4 dental implants or need quick and painless impacted wisdom teeth surgery, Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants is the place where you will find premium care. Schedule an appointment for your free consultation and receive personalized service, starting with precise diagnostics. After we walk you through the process, we will prepare your optimally tailored treatment plan. Expect to experience minimal discomfort. Through carefully executed procedures and diligent follow-up, we go all out to secure a most favorable outcome for you, leaving no room for concern.

Our services

Wisdom teeth

We perform the full range of wisdom tooth extraction procedures, however complex, making your pain go away.

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Dental implants

Innovative, high-quality dental implants are a sophisticated, long-lasting alternative to natural teeth. Find out if you are eligible!

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Are you a candidate for All-on-4 dental implants? This procedure is a quick and reliable solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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Our benefits

Comprehensive evaluation

When you choose us you can expect accurate case evaluation for implants & extractions and honest recommendations from an experienced specialist.

Sophisticated solutions

We use superior quality premium brand dental implants and computer-generated implant guidance during dental implant procedures.

Pain management

We offer multiple anesthesia options to eliminate your pain and minimize your discomfort as efficiently as possible, every step of the way.

Minimized risks

Whether we are doing a complex wisdom tooth extraction or All-on-4, we will take steps to minimize risks of complications and complete your procedure safely and quickly.

Same-day consultation & surgery appointments

Need an emergency wisdom teeth extraction or an immediately available dental implant evaluation? Do not hesitate to contact us for same-day consultations and surgery.

Same-day appointment for emergency cases

At our practice, you can schedule same-day appointments for teeth-related emergencies quickly and conveniently. For other emergencies, feel free to contact us.

Your safety and comfort is our priority

From the moment you call our office to schedule your free evaluation appointment, you will experience a high standard of care. Whether you are undergoing a multiple wisdom tooth removal, complex reconstructive teeth surgery, or All-on-4 dental implants, we make your safety and comfort our number one priority. We are here to do what we do best: make your pain and discomfort go away, restore your well-being and put a genuine, confident smile on your face.

Satisfied clients are our proof of excellence

I came here a couple of years ago to get my wisdom teeth removed and had a great experience! Did not experience any pain, discomfort, or swelling.

- Tiffany R.

I went in knowing I had to get these wisdom teeth extracted but with its complications I was nervous but Dr. Tsvetov made me comfortable with all the information he presented.

- Romulus P.

I had a great experience here, very friendly helpful and efficient. I know if I ever need to recommended an oral surgeon it will be here.

- Tarryl M.

I am thankful for the kind, friendly staff and the good work of Dr. Tsvetov.I had a tooth extracted and bone splinters removed in a timelymanner.

- Randy R.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wisdom tooth extraction can be complex, especially if you have to have multiple extractions done simultaneously, which is a common occurrence for patients with problematic wisdom teeth: they may have to have all four wisdom teeth extracted at once.

It is always advisable to consult and seek immediate assistance from a professional if you are experiencing pain or discomfort from erupting wisdom teeth or other commonly associated complications.

Wisdom teeth impaction is just one possible issue many of our patients from Temecula and the surrounding areas struggle with. Aside from being painful, the condition can lead to additional complications such as recurring infections.

Dr. Tsvetov can perform your emergency wisdom tooth extraction to set you free from pain even if you have an infection. More importantly, the procedure will be quick and efficient even if you have to have all four wisdom teeth removed. If any complications arise, Dr. Tsvetov has the experience and competence to control the situation and prevent the problem from escalating.

Oral surgery specialists like Dr. Tsvetov have extensive training which makes them your safest choice for same-day emergency tooth removal. When performing the procedure, they are able to prevent complications from arising and quickly take care of them if they do arise.

Additionally, your Temecula dentist is likely to refer you to an oral surgeon when faced with complex emergency tooth removal scenarios, so you may be able to save time and improve your outcome if you turn to an oral surgeon right away.

At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, you can schedule a free-of-charge consultation for many procedures, including issues associated with wisdom teeth.

During your free consultation, you will receive an evaluation for your upcoming wisdom tooth extraction procedure. We are transparent about treatment costs.

We do not charge for X-rays and panoramic imaging. Follow-up care and consultations are also included in the procedure cost.

Choosing a dental implant specialist should not be too difficult if you know which factors to be mindful of during your initial consultation.

  • The quality of the surgeon’s communication with the patient speaks volumes about their commitment to the patient.
  • An experienced dental implant specialist understands that you may be uncertain about the procedure, which is why they will take their time to walk you through the process.
  • They also know that patience and proper care are vital to the success of a dental implant procedure, which is yet another reason to convey this message to you. Namely, the crucial step in a dental implant procedure process is the last step in the process: putting the elaborate final prosthesis.

Only after the dental implant or implants have fully healed can your final prosthesis be placed, which is why exercising proper care between the stages in the process is of the essence.

  • Another important consideration is the cost of the procedure. Dental implant procedures can be costly, but that is because they are by far the most advanced permanent solution for missing teeth. Decades of research and development go into the manufacture of premium quality dental implants that can last a lifetime. If the cost quote is suspiciously low, you probably want to seek assistance elsewhere.
  • The bottom line is that dental implants are complex procedures that should only be performed by dental specialists with experience and know-how to handle complex cases and regain control of the situation even if complications arise.

Given the complexity and the high cost of the treatment, you do not want to take your chances when choosing your dental implant specialist. You want to make the most of your dental implants, and by choosing an oral surgeon with an excellent reputation, experience and a high success rate in performing similar procedures, your dental implants can truly last you a lifetime.

At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, we will take action to minimize your discomfort during every step in the process and also perform diligent follow-up during which we will also resolve any complications, if they arise, as safely, efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Yes, in fact, maxillofacial and oral surgery specialists are best equipped to perform dental implant procedures. These dental implant specialists possess the advanced medical knowledge necessary to treat not only teeth and jaws, but also the bones and soft tissues of the face.

The mouth, the teeth, the jaw, and the face are part of an integrated whole, which often needs to be treated as such, and which in turn makes maxillofacial and oral surgeons the safest choice for dental implants. They have the competence and the experience to secure the best outcome for the patient, restore their well-being and prevent complications.

In addition to being trained to perform dental and oral surgical procedures, they are trained to administer anesthesia properly.

The most comfortable way to undergo a dental implant procedure is to be completely asleep, especially if you are already anxious about it, but it is ultimately up to you to decide on the right option for you. Make sure to discuss your anesthesia options with your surgeon. At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, you can choose between three different anesthesia options.

If a patient has reached the so-called terminal dentition stage, they are a good candidate for All-on-4 dental implants. This means that all of the teeth in the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches are failing, which makes them non-salvageable. To determine if this is the case, we rely on cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic technology.

When it comes to dental implant procedures, including All-on-4 dental implants, 3-dimensional cone beam imaging serves an important function, as it enables your surgeon to see the volume and depth of the bone tissue where the implant will be placed, and so avoid interfering with other important anatomical structures.

It is also important to have the dental implant procedure done using high-precision modeling through a computer-generated guide. This also makes your surgery quicker and more predictable, and may even help minimize gum tissue damage and swelling, which also means a more rapid recovery.

At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, we rely on sophisticated technology to deliver safe and efficient results that will provide our patients with lasting comfort, functionality, and satisfaction.

The process is simple: just give us a call and let us know what kind of appointment you are interested in: wisdom teeth issues, dental implants, or All-on-4 dental implants.

During your consultation, feel free to ask us about dental implant warranty and a possible satisfaction guarantee. We will be delighted to help you make an informed decision that is truly in your best interest.

And the first step in your decision-making process can be your initial consultation which includes X-ray scans and which we provide free of charge.

At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, we focus on dispeling our patients’ fears. Dr. Tsvetov takes a patient, compassionate approach to patient treatment and uses his knowledge and experience to provide quality care to patients in Temecula and beyond.

After we complete your evaluation in the safety and comfort of our Temecula office, we will guide you through the procedure and discuss your options.

By correcting the abnormality and providing you with quick pain relief, we can enable you to return to a normal life.

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