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How to restore your old smile back?

Strengthen your bite, achieve a lifelike smile, and feel at ease for years to come under the expert care of Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field of oral surgery, we now offer a noticeable improvement in All-on-4 and teeth-in-a-day dental implants over dentures and mini implants in Rancho Bernardo. They’re meticulously crafted to mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth, giving our patients the confidence to smile and engage in conversations.

Furthermore, if you find yourself dealing with the potential loss of your natural teeth, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our consultation. Rest assured that Dr. Tsvetov will skillfully perform the treatment, drawing from his vast experience and employing the latest technology to deliver long-lasting and attractive results.

What to expect from your dental implant specialist in Rancho Bernardo?

Each treatment begins with a complimentary, in-office consultation where our dentist implant specialist, Dr. Tsvetov, evaluates your oral health and offers a range of potential solutions. He thoroughly discusses each aspect of the procedure, ensuring you have a clear grasp of the process and the anticipated outcome. After settling on an ideal option, our team will schedule the procedure and carry it out with the highest level of care and accuracy. Additionally, you’ll be informed of the most important post-treatment guidelines to ensure that your implants remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

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Why do locals choose our All-on-4 and dental implants?


Whether you choose individual or All-on-4, they can serve as a lifelong replacement for natural teeth when cared for properly.


You can make an informed decision at your own pace with our no-obligation initial consultation.


To reduce discomfort and speed up recovery, we offer three pain relief options to Rancho Bernardo patients.


Individual and All-on-4 dental implants are a lasting solution and the closest alternative to natural teeth available today.


Other restoration solutions, such as mini dental implants, can’t match the structural integrity and stability of dental implants.


Dental implants protect your oral and dental health, and do not accelerate the decay of your bone.

Dental Implants in Temecula, California

How to know you’re eligible for dental implants?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Tsvetov will evaluate your bone structure and overall oral health to determine if you are a good candidate. The following steps will help him get there:

  • In-depth examination of your dental health
  • A thorough check of your medical and dental records
  • X-rays and cone beam scans
  • Careful evaluation of the medication you are taking at the moment
  • List of your available pain relief alternatives
  • All steps of the procedure are explained in detail
  • Course of recovery explained

Providing patient care with subtlety & compassion

Dr. Tsvetov understands how intimidating and stressful implant placement can be, so everyone at our Rancho Bernardo office makes sure you are comfortable, satisfied, and safe during the procedure. With his proven methodology and extensive skill set, he will ensure a smooth placement of your All-on-four or any other type of dental implants and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Want same-day teeth & a smile in a day?

The latest technological advancements allow us to implant teeth and place the final crown, bridge, or denture on the same day, so you can walk out with a new smile. This not only helps patients with missing or degraded teeth to restore aesthetically pleasing smiles, but also helps them chew better and avoid further dental problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dental implants are certainly worth considering. They offer a multitude of benefits that make them a superior choice for replacing missing teeth. Here are some key advantages:

  • Improved appearance: Dental implants closely resemble natural teeth, restoring your smile and enhancing your overall appearance.
  • Enhanced functionality: Implants function just like your natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and chew comfortably without any issues.
  • Durability: Implants are designed to last a lifetime, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective solution compared to other tooth replacement options.
  • Bone preservation: They help prevent bone loss by stimulating the jawbone, maintaining its strength and integrity.
  • Better oral health: Unlike dental bridges, implants don’t require reducing the size of adjacent teeth, preserving their natural structure and promoting better oral health.

In case you’re looking for more info about dental care in Rancho Bernardo, feel free to get in touch with us!

Yes, some dental implant cases require bone grafting. Factors such as insufficient bone density, bone loss due to periodontal disease, prolonged tooth loss, or sinus issues may necessitate a bone graft. Your dentist implant specialist will assess your situation and determine if it’s needed for a successful implant.

Although mini implants have advantages like lower cost and quicker healing, patients often choose them when they cannot or do not wish to undergo significant bone grafting. A regular individual or All-on-4 implant should be considered in most other cases. However, make sure you talk to your dentist in Rancho Bernardo about the best option based on your specific needs.

The cost of All-on-4 dental implants can vary significantly based on several factors, such as:

  • Materials used: The type of materials (titanium or zirconia implants, acrylic or porcelain teeth) can influence the cost.
  • Associated costs: Additional procedures like extractions, temporary dentures, or bone grafting, if needed, will add to the overall cost.
  • Pain relief options: The choice of anesthesia or sedation can also affect the cost

The best way to find out what the cost will be is to schedule a consultation with a specialist who can evaluate your condition and provide a precise cost estimate.

Our Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants provides excellent dental implant placement in Temecula and the nearby areas. Count on Dr. Tsvetov’s expertise, compassion, and dedication for the best dental care in San Jacinto and sophisticated dental care in Escondido.

Aside from his advanced certification, he has a wealth of practical experience, continually striving to improve and provide compassionate care for his patients. Give us a call and find out why Rancho Bernardo and other Temecula residents choose us!