Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants, Part 2


What are frequent questions concerning dental implants?

What are frequent questions concerning dental implants

If you’ve never undergone a dental implant procedure, it’s perfectly normal to have some doubts about it. Reading the answers to some of the most frequent questions will give you a better insight into the process: 

Is it fine not to replace a missing tooth?

Yes, it’s fine, as long as the gap isn’t affecting your speech and eating. However, you should keep in mind that the jaw bone will resorb when it has nothing to latch on. In the future, this can affect your suitability for a dental implant, especially if you’re missing more than one tooth in one area. Feel free to consult your dentist about the potential consequences and the best solution. 

Do I need to clean beneath dental implants?

There’s no need to clean under your implants, since they perfectly fuse with the bone. All you need to do is take care of them just as you do with your natural teeth and use an interdental aid or floss around it on a daily basis. 

Do dental implants hurt?

The procedure of placing an implant is always carried out using local anesthesia, and it’s comfortable and painless. However, if you prefer, you can ask for a total anesthesia, and your dentist will let you know if it’s suitable for you. As for the recovery, the nature of the procedure renders it slightly uncomfortable, but it only lasts a couple of days. 

How long does the procedure take?

Your dentist will typically book a one hour appointment. However, not all of that time is spent on the surgery. It takes time to set it all up, gown everyone up, prepare the site for the implant, place the implant, suture up, and clean down. 

Can one implant replace two teeth?

This is sometimes possible, but it’s important not to burden the implant with too much load on top. Your dentist will carefully evaluate the situation and decide whether it’s possible to load it with two crowns or not. That’s why it’s better to go for All-on-4 solutions if the situation allows it.

What’s the recovery time for the procedure?

While it only takes several days for the feeling of discomfort to pass, the area takes approximately a couple of weeks to fully heal. During that time, you will have a check-up appointment with your dentist to review the site and to remove any sutures. 

What is the leading practice in Temecula that offers non-removable teeth on implants?What is the leading practice in Temecula that offers non-removable teeth on implants

Whether you need a single dental implant to replace your missing tooth, or you’re in two minds between a removable and permanent crown, contact your specialist at Temecula Center for Dental Implants. We’ll use our knowledge and expertise to thoroughly examine your situation and provide you with the best possible solution. 

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