Do Dental Implants Look Natural?


How can dental implants restore facial features One of the biggest problems associated with missing teeth is their impact on a person’s confidence, especially if the gaps are clearly visible. This may make the person reluctant to smile and speak freely. It can also give them plenty of anxiety when meeting and interacting with others. However, patients who seek the help of one of Temecula’s leading specialists in dental implants can be their former selves again.

Undergoing a dental implant procedure is the best way to restore both your oral health and an aesthetically pleasing smile. Read on to find out if they can successfully mimic the appearance of real teeth and how they can give your face better support.

Do teeth implants look good?

If you’ve had a disappointing experience with conventional dentures, you may fear that you’ll have similar issues with your dental implants. Dentures are unstable, don’t look natural, and often make it hard to chew or speak. However, you don’t have to worry about any of this with implants. When they’re crafted and placed by a reliable professional, they can meet even the strictest aesthetic criteria and can’t be visually differentiated from real teeth. 

The specialist will choose the material for the ceramic crown that doesn’t stand out from the surrounding teeth. They’ll also shape it so it blends in with your arch seamlessly. To achieve this, they use refined technology, like digital impressions to check for issues, computer guides to place the implant precisely, and sophisticated milling machines to craft the crown.

How can dental implants restore facial features?

Dental implants give you your old, stunning smile back. But they provide another huge advantage, too. 

People who experience tooth loss often notice a change in their facial features over time. Without the teeth to support their facial structure, they start exhibiting sunken cheeks and a narrowed jaw. These changes are caused by bone loss that happens after a tooth is extracted. They can age the face considerably and make the patient insecure about their appearance. 

Bone loss happens as a result of reduced mechanical loading/chewing. When a dental implant is placed, it stimulates the bone and encourages it to grow again. 

Can you tell if someone has dental implants?

No, you can’t. It’s impossible to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a dental implant with the naked eye. The only way for someone to know you’ve had implants placed is if you previously had multiple visible gaps. The people around you will certainly notice that you now have a new set of beautiful teeth. Also, your dentist or oral surgeon can tell that you have implants if they look at your X-ray or cone beam scan. However, nobody will be able to tell just by looking at your gorgeous smile.

What specialist in Temecula places durable dental implants?Do teeth implants look good

Dr.Tsvetov at Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants provides best-in-class care for patients from Lake Elsinore and the surrounding areas. He is one of the most experienced oral surgeons in the region, with a history of performing complex procedures with excellent success rates. Also, he’ll show you the sympathy and compassion you need during this vulnerable time. 

We’ll know more about your unique needs after your initial evaluation appointment, which is conducted at no extra charge. The doctor will guide you through the steps of the procedure so you know what to expect. You’ll also be able to choose your preferred type of anesthesia. Enjoy the many perks of modern prosthodontic breakthroughs and smile confidently again!