Full-arch Dental Implants in Temecula, CA

Try a more sophisticated, more comfortable solution for full-arch teeth replacement.

Free consultations on full-arch dental implants in Temecula

Full-arch dental implants represent an effective solution for the replacement of all or nearly all missing teeth in the upper arch, lower arch or both arches. At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, we prioritize your wellbeing and put your safety and satisfaction first. After your full-arch dental implant procedure, whether it is the All-on-4 treatment concept or an alternative, you can choose between fixed and removable final restoration options.

At our practice, you will receive honest recommendations for long-term benefits. Dr. Tsvetov will guide you through the procedure and help you understand the pros and cons of the two options, including the differences in clinical and aesthetic outcomes, functionality and cost. Contact our practice to schedule your free comprehensive evaluation so you can start planning the next step.

All you need to know about full-arch dental implant surgery

Why consider replacing non-restorable teeth with implants? The number one reason is that these dental implants enable you to feel like you did with natural teeth. This option helps you regain about 80-90% of your original chewing functionality and the aesthetic appearance of your natural teeth. During your consultation, we will discuss all of this in detail!


Benefits of full-arch dental implants


We rely on advanced “Cone beam” or 3D scan technology to determine the volume and density of jawbone available.


Dr. Tsvetov will help you weigh your options carefully and enable you to reach an informed decision.


We can administer general anesthesia or IV sedation to make your dental implant procedure as comfortable as possible.


It only takes Dr. Tsvetov approximately four hours to perform your full-arch dental implant surgery.


It won’t be long before you have fully healed and you are able to fully enjoy your full-arch dental implants and personalized restoration.


Dr. Tsvetov has the know-how and experience to prevent complications and address them if they arise.


Predictable outcomes

At our practice, we take all the precautions to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction. The evaluation is systematic and straightforward and it enables us to predict your clinical outcome with precision and give you a comprehensive overview of the procedure:

  • X-rays & Cone Beam Scan
  • Oral and dental examination
  • Review of your medical and dental history
  • In-depth consultation
  • Going over pain management options
  • Going over the timeline and course of recovery
  • Discussing aftercare
  • Discussing payment and payment options

Premium quality care

We use premium quality tools and materials which enable us to provide our patients with a high standard of care and ensure their comfort and optimal clinical outcomes. This is important to know not only because it means your overall experience will be more pleasant, but also because higher-quality implants are likely to last longer and the risk of implant failure is reduced considerably, provided that you are diligent about maintaining appropriate care.

Treating our patients with patience and compassion

At Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants, we know how important it is to make our patients feel safe and comfortable during consultation, the procedure and follow-up. So many of our patients fret about visiting a dental office. We always do our best to make our patients feel relaxed and confident about the outcome of their procedure. On average, it takes our patients 3 to 6 months to fully complete the treatment process and get their genuine, natural-looking smile back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Full-arch dental implants are implants which can replace the full arch of teeth, whether the upper or the lower. This is one option available to patients with missing teeth and patients in the terminal dentition stage, that is the stage when teeth are failing or non-salvageable. The procedure can be completed in a single day, which is why this procedure is sometimes referred to as teeth-in-a-day.

Full-arch implants can be a lasting solution as long as the patient follows the personalized aftercare protocol and maintains a vigilant schedule of regular visits to our practice. That way, Dr. Tsvetov can keep an eye on your implants to ensure there is no bone loss which could jeopardize your long-term outcome.

When patients visit or call our Temecula practice to inquire about dental implants, this is one of the questions they ask first. While cost is, understandably, an important factor, it is important to bear in mind that full-arch implants can be a lifelong solution that can significantly improve our patients’ quality of life, boost their confidence and promote their sense of wellbeing. This makes them a worthwhile long-term investment, especially for patients of good general health who are committed to maintaining a dental and oral health care routine.

A person is considered to be a good candidate for full-arch dental implants if they have all or nearly all teeth missing in an arch, whether upper or lower and if they have a sufficient supply of bone available. For some of our patients whose remaining teeth are healthy or salvageable, having several dental implants done at our Temecula practice is a better option than getting a full-arch, which is why we will first perform a comprehensive evaluation. Patients who no longer have sufficient bone to accommodate the implants may consider options such as bone grafting.

At our Temecula office, we can perform your single dental implant procedure or a full-arch dental implant procedure. You name it, we’ve done it. Dr. Tsvetov is a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon can perform procedures of varying degrees of complexity efficiently and comfortably, which makes him the trusted choice for patients across the Temecula region. Contact us to find out more about full-arch dental implants and schedule your free evaluation today!