Quick Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal in Temecula, CA & Nearby Areas

You cannot avoid wisdom tooth impaction, but we can make it go away.

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Wisdom tooth impaction? We have the solution

If you suspect that wisdom teeth impaction is the culprit for the intense pain you are experiencing, we can help. When wisdom teeth impaction is concerned, seeing an experienced Temecula-based Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and wisdom teeth removal specialist is your safest bet. Here at Temecula Center for Dental Implants, nothing matters more than your safety and wellbeing.

In case of impaction, wisdom tooth extraction is performed by making an incision in the gums to expose the tooth and gain access to it in order to have it removed. After that, Dr. Tsvetov will close your wound and advise you on the appropriate aftercare protocol to help you minimize discomfort and avoid complications during the recovery process. Dr. Tsvetov is here to ease your anxiety and carry you through and he will also be available at all times to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Experience a caring approach to advanced oral surgery

Patience and kindness may not be the first words that spring to mind when discussing oral surgery, but that is exactly what we prioritize at our Temecula practice. If you are intimidated by the very idea of coming to our office and sitting in a chair, rest assured you have nothing to worry about. Dr. Tsvetov and his staff make an experienced team that will help you prepare for your procedure and make sure everything goes according to plan.


Benefits of impacted wisdom teeth removal


Panoramic imaging enables Dr. Tsvetov to plan your treatment and secure an optimal, predictable outcome.


Dr. Tsvetov can perform the procedure safely and efficiently, regardless of the degree of impaction.


The recovery process is simple and straightforward. You will receive detailed aftercare instructions.


Appropriate follow-up care included in the procedure cost ensures a smooth recovery process.


Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth will give you peace of mind and eliminate all pain and discomfort.


By having the impacted wisdom tooth removed, you will lower the risk of infections and other complications considerably.

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Complex extractions in the Temecula region made simple

Dr. Tsvetov can effectively release you from pain and prevent complications caused by impacted wisdom teeth, but to do that, he needs to gain an in-depth insight into the situation, find the root cause of the problem and work out the optimal approach to your treatment. The pain you are experiencing may be caused by inflammation of the gum tissue around your wisdom teeth, tooth decay, a severe infection or a combination of factors, which is why your evaluation will include:

  • Free X-rays & Cone Beam Scan
  • Comprehensive oral & dental examination
  • Review of your dental & medical history
  • Consultation regarding urgency and approach
  • Discussing underlying chronic conditions or ongoing medication regimens
  • Addressing your questions and concerns
  • Going over the available pain management options

Let’s eliminate your pain with minimal discomfort

The pain is not going to disappear on its own, but Dr. Tsvetov, with his tactful and caring approach, has the capacity to make it all go away efficiently while helping you cope with anxiety and discomfort. Surgical extraction of your impacted wisdom tooth performed by an experienced oral surgeon is a fail-safe way to reduce the risk of complications and recurring infections drastically. Find out why Dr. Tsvetov is the choice of patients of all ages struggling with problematic wisdom teeth across the Temecula region!

Treat yourself to the level of care you deserve

As a knowledgeable, competent oral surgeon with experience in handling impacted wisdom teeth cases in Temecula, complex post-wisdom teeth extractions, challenging surgical interventions, and advanced dental implant procedures, Dr. Tsvetov will readily address your concerns and walk you through the procedure during your consultation at our office so you know exactly what to expect. The comprehensive procedure includes free evaluation, panoramic X-ray imaging, and any follow-up care. Set up your free consultation for scheduled or emergency extractions now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, and in some cases, they may not erupt at all. How come?

Wisdom teeth or third molars are located at the back of the mouth which means they don’t always have sufficient room to emerge properly and develop normally.

If that happens, they could become impacted and remain stuck below the gum surface, either partially or completely, depending on the degree of impaction.

When the wisdom tooth grows at an odd angle, it can cause complications. Depending on the angle and position of an impacted wisdom tooth, there are three types of impaction: horizontal, vertical, and angular.

Impacted wisdom teeth can be and often are asymptomatic, but some patients may develop symptoms, which can also be caused by an infection:

  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Gum irritation: tender, red, swollen or painful gum tissue
  • Pain in the area around the wisdom tooth
  • Pain and swelling in the jaw
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Change in the bite

The only way to know with certainty if you have an impacted wisdom tooth is to schedule an evaluation, during which your oral surgeon will:

  • Ask questions about your impacted wisdom tooth symptoms
  • Check your dental and medical history
  • Examine your teeth and gums
  • Inspect the panoramic image to get a view of all four of your wisdom teeth and other important anatomical structures

Impacted wisdom teeth typically have associated pathology, such as a large, aggressive cyst in the jawbone. If unaddressed and untreated, a jawbone cyst may even lead to jaw fracture. Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth may cause the adjacent teeth to develop decay. Finally, impacted wisdom teeth can exacerbate periodontal disease and accelerate bone loss by causing inflammation throughout the mouth.

In other words, it is always better for patients in the Temecula area to prevent or intercept situations like this early on by seeing an oral surgeon or general dentist periodically to get a professional evaluation of the state and health of their wisdom teeth.


The thought of removing any tooth can be overwhelming for patients, but It is always better to remove an impacted wisdom tooth and so avoid possible complications down the road. Dr. Tsvetov is an experienced oral surgeon who has vast experience in performing wisdom teeth extractions of varying degrees of complexity on patients of all ages across Temecula Valley and other areas of Riverside County.

Dr. Tsvetov can extract all four wisdom teeth, if necessary, in under 30 minutes, even when there is a high degree of impaction. It takes approximately 3-4 days to recover from impacted wisdom tooth removal.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed in a timely manner, potentially severe complications such as jaw fracture and tooth and bone loss may arise. Not every case of wisdom tooth impaction is a matter of urgency, but if the patient experiences pain and discomfort from recurring infections, it is better to remove the problematic tooth as soon as possible.

The younger a person is, the lower the risk that serious complications with wisdom teeth may occur, which is why many oral surgeons and dentists alike recommend extraction even in case of mild impaction. Later in life, however, complications are more likely to arise, which could make the extraction procedure and recovery more difficult.

Even asymptomatic wisdom teeth may cause potential issues in the future, especially considering the fact that wisdom teeth are difficult to reach and clean properly even in optimal circumstances when their growth was unobstructed and development uncompromised.

While there is nothing you can do to keep a wisdom tooth impaction from occurring, there is something you can do to alleviate the situation and regain control over it if it does occur: focus on prevention and schedule regular dental appointments every six months.

But even if an impacted wisdom tooth issue has escalated and caught you off guard, you can always turn to Temecula’s leading oral surgeon and use advanced impacted wisdom teeth surgery to your advantage.

Dr. Tsvetov can conduct your evaluation and diagnosis prior to your impacted wisdom tooth extraction in an easy and straightforward manner. We will offer you a range of anesthesia options to choose from, so you can choose one that makes you most comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Allow us to restore your well-being and make your whole experience stress-free from start to finish. Contact us to schedule your appointment now!