Guide to Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontics in Temecula, CA & Nearby Areas

All you need to know about wisdom teeth extraction for orthodontic reasons.

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Efficient wisdom teeth extraction for orthodontic reasons

Wisdom teeth may affect healthy, straight teeth or prevent the normal eruption of other teeth once they come in. To avoid this disruptive effect, especially if you are considering an orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may suggest having wisdom teeth removed. At Temecula Center for Dental Implants, you will meet Dr. Tsvetov, an experienced Temecula-based oral surgeon familiar with difficult wisdom teeth cases.

Dr. Tsvetov has the expertise to perform diverse wisdom teeth interventions and other complex surgical procedures, including extractions prior to your orthodontic treatment, and to do so safely and efficiently. At our Temecula practice, our number one priority is to offer efficient solutions that work and help patients reach optimal treatment outcomes that will set them free of pain and discomfort.

Protecting your wellbeing and peace of mind

At our Temecula practice, we have your best interest at heart. By removing your wisdom teeth, you are essentially solving two problems at once: eliminating the risk of complications that often occur in relation to wisdom teeth growth and making it possible for your orthodontic treatment to have the optimal outcome. For more information on simple and complex extractions for orthodontic treatment purposes, do not hesitate to reach out to us right away.


Benefits of wisdom teeth extractions for orthodontic reasons


Panoramic imaging enables your doctor to get a clear, broad view of all four of your wisdom teeth


Whether you need to have a single wisdom tooth extracted or all four, we will make you feel safe and comfortable.


We will provide you with clear and detailed aftercare instructions to help you make full recovery as rapidly as possible.


Dr. Tsvetov and his team follow through. Follow-up care cost is included in the cost of your wisdom teeth extraction.


Dr. Tsvetov and his experienced staff are committed to your satisfaction and optimal orthodontic treatment outcome.


Aside from benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality, removing wisdom teeth helps eliminate numerous health risks.


Free and comprehensive consultations in Temecula

The presence of wisdom teeth can adversely affect other teeth, and this effect can come into prominence before, during, or after orthodontic treatment. Before your wisdom teeth removal, you will have time to prepare for the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Tsvetov will determine if wisdom tooth extraction is necessary for orthodontic or other reasons. The consultation includes:

  • Free panoramic X-rays & CT scans
  • Comprehensive examination
  • In-depth dental & medical history review
  • Discussing ongoing medication regimens
  • Answering questions and addressing concerns
  • Presenting the available pain management options
  • Going over the steps before, during and after the procedure

Restore a happy, healthy smile

So many patients who come to our office in Temecula associate wisdom teeth with unbearable pain. But sometimes, it is patients who experience no symptoms that need to have their wisdom teeth removed for orthodontic reasons. Because they are either the last teeth to erupt or the teeth that never fully erupt, wisdom teeth are often trouble waiting to happen. Dr. Tsvetov has experience in performing extractions of wisdom teeth or other teeth for orthodontic reasons, including before, after, and during braces.

Leave your worries at our office door

Dr. Tsvetov has a broad area of expertise and experience in performing various interventions involving problematic wisdom teeth and other complex and challenging surgeries. He can readily answer any questions you have about your upcoming wisdom tooth extraction in Temecula and ultimately help you make an informed decision that is in the best interest of your wellbeing. Book your free evaluation to learn more about the benefits of extractions for orthodontic reasons in Temecula now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth may cause dental issues such as overcrowding, especially if a degree of impaction is present and the wisdom tooth grows at an odd angle. Even when the lack of room is not an issue, wisdom teeth can be a problem because of the complications that may arise and which may be followed by symptoms such as discomfort, pain, swelling, and infections.

Wisdom teeth can be removed while wearing braces but having wisdom teeth removed before undergoing orthodontic treatment may be best for many patients from the medical, practical, and financial point of view.

Even when wisdom teeth erupt after a patient has started wearing braces, it is best to consult an oral surgeon on whether to have them removed.

Patients are often concerned that removing wisdom teeth may affect the shape of their face or disrupt their other teeth. Luckily, these fears are not justified. Wisdom teeth can be removed without leaving an impact in terms of misalignment.

Orthodontists specialize in treating misaligned teeth, whereas wisdom teeth often require surgical extraction, which only oral and maxillofacial surgeons are qualified to perform.

However, you consult an orthodontist to discuss your options for orthodontic treatment in Temecula and the region and see if your wisdom teeth are impacting your other teeth. Much like an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, an orthodontist will advise you on your optimal course of action based on an X-ray image of your teeth and jaws.

Your orthodontist can apply braces to your wisdom teeth and you can even proceed with orthodontic treatment if you have decided not to have your wisdom teeth removed. However, if you suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, braces cannot straighten these teeth because the underlying problem is literally below the surface, buried inside the gum tissue and the jawbone.

To make matters worse, you run the risk of having additional issues and complications develop later on, so the best course of action is probably to have impacted wisdom teeth removed, especially if the degree of impaction is high.

The key reasons to have wisdom teeth removed for orthodontic reasons are issues retained wisdom teeth may cause:

  • Interference with eruption of other teeth
  • Issues with the bite
  • Causing decay to the surrounding teeth

Seeking assistance from a specialist in a timely manner can help you avoid complications and achieve optimal outcomes, as well as reduce care costs. It is especially important to have your wisdom teeth evaluated and monitored closely prior to orthodontic treatment so your oral surgeon may recommend having them removed as a preventive measure before they can cause issues.

If you are ready for a safe and comfortable treatment tailored to you, Dr. Tsvetov is a professional you can trust to deliver. He will examine you and study your panoramic X-ray scans carefully to determine if there is associated pathology to be concerned about and what your best course of action is. He will also explain the correlation between wisdom teeth extractions and positive outcomes of orthodontic treatment and help you decide if you want to proceed with it.

Although you can start orthodontic treatment even if you still have wisdom teeth, the fact is that problematic wisdom teeth are likely to continue to cause problems down the road, and extraction is the only effective way to deal with that.

As a Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Tsvetov has experience in performing simple and complex wisdom teeth extractions on patients across the Temecula region and he always focuses on finding the best treatment solution for his patients. Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule your free consultation at your convenience!