4 Common Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth


A tooth is impacted when it doesn’t fully emerge because there’s too little room for it in the mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth are a common occurrence, with some estimates showing that it affects up to 90 percent of people. Because they’re the last teeth to erupt and they’re located at the back of the mouth, there is often not enough space for them to develop.

Impaction can cause a variety of problems for the patient. If you have impacted third molars, your specialist will likely suggest wisdom teeth removal at their dental office in Murrieta. This will spare you a lot of trouble and discomfort down the line. Learn what complications could happen due to impacted wisdom teeth and why it’s best to have them extracted.

What are some problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth appear in late adolescence or early adulthood and commonly come in at an angle or only erupt partially because they lack room to develop normally. Over time, this can lead to multiple issues. It’s advisable to react to the first signs of erupting wisdom teeth and have them removed as soon as possible if your specialist determines that they may cause problems in the future. Here are some unpleasant symptoms that can come up if the problem of impacted teeth isn’t addressed.  

1. Discomfort4 Common Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Discomfort is one of the first signs of an impacted wisdom tooth coming in. Since they tend to grow sideways, they may touch surrounding tissue and teeth. Because the tooth can’t break through, the gums around the tooth may become red and swollen, causing pain. Pain medication can provide short-term relief, but the problem can only go away for good if it’s treated by a specialist. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, it should prompt you to schedule a dental appointment.

2. Infections

Because they’re hard to reach, wisdom teeth are difficult to clean. Impaction makes cleaning even more complicated. This means that you’re at an increased risk of bacterial infections. Food often gets stuck in the tiny spaces between the gums and the tooth called gum pockets. The combination of these trapped pieces of food and the bacteria in your mouth can create an infection. If you have bad breath, swelling around the tooth, and a fever, an infection may be a likely cause.

3. Cavities and cysts

Impacted wisdom teeth often cause crowding and they’re also hard to keep clean because of their position. These are risk factors for the development of cavities. With tooth decay, you’ll notice signs like hot or cold sensitivity, toothache, bad breath, and visible holes in the affected tooth. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that can form next to the impacted tooth. They can press onto adjacent teeth, gum tissue, and bone. They can get infected and produce abscess and pain.

4. Damage to adjacent teeth

Since impacted wisdom teeth rarely come in straight, nearby teeth get in their way as they grow, so they push them. This causes misalignment, which may require orthodontic treatment. In addition, adjacent teeth can develop cavities and infections because of the crowding caused by impaction.

Who is the leading expert in wisdom teeth removal in Murrieta?What are some problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth

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