The History of Dental Implants


The history of dentistry and dental implants represents an illustration of mankind’s innovation and evolution through the lens of a small, but significant, aspect of our achievements as humans. It might seem insignificant to explore the development of dental implants you’d like to place in Perris, CA, but knowing where it all started and how far we’ve come in this field will only make you appreciate the modern conveniences we might be taking for granted today.

What is the history of dental implants?What is the history of dental implants? 

Dental implants, at least the most rudimentary ones, have been around for longer than you could possibly imagine, making their history a long and storied one, as they say. Learning more about the humble beginnings will help you understand just how amazing modern solutions are, so let’s take it from the top:

Ancient times

When it comes to dental implants in ancient times, there are several examples that date all the way back to as many as four thousand years ago. These have become available to us to discuss through archaeological discoveries of individuals long gone that showcase early attempts at tooth replacement. Some of the more interesting ones are:

  • The Chinese attempted to replace teeth with bamboo pegs four thousand years ago.
  • The Egyptians used copper pegs to replace teeth three thousand years ago.
  • The Celts attempted to replace missing teeth with false iron ones according to discoveries made in France.
  • There are also records of numerous civilizations using human (probably from slaves) and animal teeth in an attempt to replace missing ones more than two thousand years ago.

There’s also an interesting example of Dr. Wilson Popenoe finding the skull of a young woman from Honduras in 1931 with shells replacing three of her missing teeth in the lower jaw. Those shells were shaped in an attempt to mimic the look of her teeth.

Important changes

Before the invention and implementation of modern implants made from titanium, the main problem was that the body rejects foreign materials. During the beginning of the 18th century, there were recorded attempts at using a combination of alloy and gold for creating implants. These experiments did fail, but they also opened the door to fruitful research.

After that, there have been experiments with many materials, from porcelain to silver. However, rejection quickly ensued as the body couldn’t stand neither porcelain nor silver. Unsuccessful attempts continued all the way throughout the early 1900s with little success finding. materials that the body wouldn’t reject.

In 1913, Dr. E. J. Greenfield attempted to use 24-karat gold for implants while brothers Moses and Alvin Strock tried to implement Vitalium fixtures. Again, both experiments failed, but they did last longer than previous attempts before the body finally rejected them.

Rising popularity

The first person to successfully perform the placement of a dental implant was Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark in 1965, when he successfully used titanium in an effort to replace one of his patients’ missing teeth. Before this, he successfully fused the femur of a rabbit with titanium, which led to the initial understanding of this material’s biocompatibility. This is officially the first dental implant as we know it today.

From that point on, more than seven million implants using the Branemark System have been successfully used in dentistry. To this day, these solutions continue to be implemented as the preferred solution for providing secure contact between the jawbone and the ceramic crown.

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