Wisdom Teeth Removal: Benefits & Who It’s for


Problems caused by wisdom teeth are probably the most common reason why people under the age of 30 visit a dental office. Because of their position at the back of the mouth, these teeth tend to cause a variety of problems for the patient. This is why your specialist will likely recommend wisdom teeth extraction at some point.

If your third molars are giving you trouble, but you haven’t decided if this procedure is for you yet, read on. You’ll discover the biggest advantages of scheduling a wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, CA and find out if you’re a good candidate for it.

What are the advantages of removing wisdom teeth?

While keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible a priority, this isn’t typically the case with wisdom teeth. The removal of third molars is suggested to the majority of people because it brings multiple benefits.

1. Reducing crowdingDo I need to have my wisdom teeth removed

Crowding is a typical result of your wisdom teeth emerging. Because there’s rarely enough room for them, they begin pushing your surrounding teeth, which eventually leads to misalignment. With wisdom teeth surgery, you lower the chance of experiencing alignment problems. This way, you’ll nip them in the bud instead of having to correct them with braces or more complex procedures down the line.

2. Preserving adjacent teeth

Wisdom teeth put pressure on the adjacent teeth. This can jeopardize their integrity by weakening them and destroying their enamel. They also become more susceptible to decay and bone loss. By having your third molars extracted, you’ll minimize the likelihood of damage to the nearby teeth. This will spare you the trouble and expense of having them treated.

3. Lowering the risk of inflammation and cavitiesWhat are the advantages of removing wisdom teeth

Because they’re so far back in the mouth, it’s difficult for you to clean your wisdom teeth properly. It’s even harder to take care of them if they’re impacted (partially emerged). This gives bacteria free reign of this area of the mouth and leads to the development of cavities. 

Erupting third molars also bring about inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue. This condition can be especially tricky to manage and treat. Infection can sometimes get so serious that it progresses into sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition that affects the whole body.

4. Alleviating discomfort

Because wisdom teeth can be the root of a lot of discomfort, removing them will put you at ease. Since the procedure will eliminate sensitivity, inflammation, and pressure, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite food and be carefree about your oral health. 

5. Protecting you from tumors and cysts

Serious conditions like tumors, cysts, and eventual jawbone deterioration. This most frequently occurs with impacted wi\sdom teeth. It requires extensive treatment by an expert in the disorders of the temporomandibular joint. It’s much better to prevent it with a timely extraction.

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Who performs expertise-based wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, CA

There are many reasons why your specialist may recommend an extraction of your wisdom teeth, including:

  • They’re impacted or growing in sideways
  • They’re causing damage to your neighboring teeth
  • There are pockets around them
  • Your gum tissue is swollen and inflamed
  • They’re affected by cavities 
  • You’re experiencing alignment issues
  • You’re struggling with discomfort
  • They’re causing sinus conditions, etc.

Who performs expertise-based wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, CA?

Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov at Temecula Center for Dental Implants is one of the leading experts in wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, Perris, and the nearby areas of Riverside County. Schedule your initial consultation to have your doctor explain the procedure and help you prepare for it. He’ll perform the extraction using tried-and-tested methods to ensure excellent results. You’ll also receive a thorough and tailored aftercare regimen that will speed up your recovery. Call us today!