Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Need to Know


What should I ask my oral surgeon before my procedureIt’s normal to feel a little nervous about surgery, but a wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure for an experienced oral surgeon. If you’ve found a skilled specialist in wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, CA, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Experts have the advanced methodology to provide you with a successful and discomfort-free experience. Plus, they’ll let you know exactly what to expect from the procedure and how to prepare for it. The best surgeons are open to questions and they’ll gladly explain everything to you in detail.

Read on to learn more about getting ready for your wisdom tooth extraction and communicating your concerns to your specialist.

Is there a consultation before wisdom teeth removal?  

Yes, before your procedure is scheduled, you’ll first have a consultation with your specialist. This initial evaluation is extremely important for the course of treatment because your doctor needs to assess your condition and create a tailored plan for you. You can expect them to:

  • Perform an in-depth dental check-up
  • Take panoramic images of your teeth
  • Talk to you about your existing conditions 
  • Ask what medication you’re currently taking
  • Discuss your options for discomfort management
  • Explain the stages of the procedure 
  • Let you know more about the recovery process

What should I ask my oral surgeon before my procedure?

Is there a consultation before wisdom teeth removal

While your oral surgeon will likely cover all key points during your initial consultation, you should feel free to ask any questions that you may have. It’s a good idea to think about what you’d like to ask beforehand so you don’t forget anything. While this is completely up to you, here are some common questions that people ask:

How should I prepare for wisdom teeth removal?

Here are some rules that you’ll usually be asked to follow in preparation for your surgery:

  • Disclose your full medical history and current medication to your doctor. Other drugs can interact badly with anesthesia, so it’s important for the doctor to know.
  • Don’t eat, drink, or smoke for at least eight hours before general anesthesia. Doing otherwise can be life-threatening during surgery.
  • Brush your teeth before going to the dental office to lower the number of bacteria in your mouth. 
  • Organize everything at home so you can rest when you come back from the dental office. 
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and glasses instead of contact lenses. Pick clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty because some blood may accidentally stain it.
  • Don’t wear make-up or jewelry because this will likely make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Have someone pick you up because you won’t be able to drive home.

Who is the best expert in wisdom teeth removal in Temecula, CA?

How should I prepare for wisdom teeth removal

If you live in Wildomar, Winchester, or another area of Riverside County, Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants should be your top choice for oral surgery. Dr. Tsvetov is known for both his expertise and his compassionate bedside manner. He’ll gladly answer your questions about the procedure and take great care to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

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