6 Dental Implant Myths Debunked


While replacing your missing teeth can be stressful, it’s certainly worth it since they are essential for your overall well being. However, even with the advanced technology and methods, there are still a few myths surrounding this procedure and some of them can cause people who really need dental implants to delay getting them or opt for less effective procedures instead. 

The key step to feeling comfortable and safe about having your teeth replaced is finding a trustworthy dental implant specialist in Perris, CA. Next, you can focus on setting your mind at ease. As always, debunking some of the common myths is a good way to start. Read on.

What are some common myths about dental implants?

What are some common myths about dental implants

Pairing the following info with important facts about teeth replacement will help you choose the right solution for your issue, but also feel more comfortable about the steps that await you towards a new smile. Have a look at these 6 common myths:

Myth #1: It’s for seniors only

While implants are usually not an option for teens and kids since their jawbones are still developing, for adults of any age, this is a long‐lasting solution. It’s a fact that tooth loss increases with age, but there are about 178 million adult Americans missing at least one, and about 40 million missing all of their teeth.

Myth #2: It’s painful and invasive

The truth is that this procedure requires oral surgery, but the modern surgical, sedation, and numbing technology and techniques allow maximum comfort and fast healing. While it’s usual to complete the surgery under local anesthesia, you can also opt for sedation for a more relaxed experience, and you can go back to your work and regular activities within the following two to three days.

Myth #3: It requires special care

Caring for your implants is no different than maintaining regular hygiene of your natural teeth or other restorations such as crowns and bridges. All you need to do is follow your daily routine and your new implants can last for decades. You can always check with your dentist for more details.

Myth #4: It’s still experimental

If you consider the fact that we can trace back attempts for teeth replacement as far back as 4000 years, but more importantly that the first titanium implant as we know it today was successfully placed almost 60 years ago, it becomes obvious that this technique has come a long way. Moreover, there’s evidence that there are patients who retained their implants in place for over 40 years.

Myth #5: It looks fake

When you reach out to a qualified specialist, you have nothing to worry about the fake look of your new teeth. The implant itself goes underneath the gum and it’s not visible. The false tooth that joins onto it is made of ceramic and it’s hardly distinguishable from a natural one. All you need to do is choose a dedicated surgeon.

Myth #6: It’s often not successful

In over 90% of cases, an implant integrates with the bone successfully. In the few cases where it becomes loose, your oral specialist will simply replace it with a new one. To this day, there hasn’t been a case of a failed implant replacement. 

Who is the leading dental implant specialist in Perris, CA?

Who is the leading dental implant specialist in Perris, CA

Whether you’re ready for your oral surgery or you’re not sure when it would be the right time to do it, reach out to Temecula Center for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants. Our renowned surgeon, Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov and his professional and dedicated team will do everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

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