Your Guide to The Materials Used in Dental Implants


Experiencing tooth loss can be distressing, leading to both physical discomfort and a hit to one’s self-confidence. Fortunately, dental implants have become a sought-after solution in Poway and beyond to restore a beautiful smile and improve oral health. 

Yet, the journey to getting there involves making an informed decision about the materials used. This choice is vital, as it affects the implant’s performance, durability, and how well it matches your natural smile. Read on and find out about the materials used for dental implants, why these specific choices are made, and explore the benefits they offer. 

What are the materials in implant dentistry?

What are the materials in implant dentistryThe first modern dental implants were crafted from titanium, prized for its strength and lightweight nature, non-toxicity, alongside its remarkable ability to fuse seamlessly with human bone—a property known as ‘biocompatibility.’ Titanium-based tooth implants boast a success rate of 95 percent, as noted by the Oral Health Foundation, and with the right oral hygiene routine, they can serve you for a lifetime.  

A classic example of titanium in action is the traditional screw-shaped implant. Once inserted into the jawbone, it bonds with the bone over a period ranging from three to six months, forming a strong and lasting anchor for the artificial tooth. While there might be worries about metal allergies with titanium implants, it’s worth noting that titanium is classified as a noble metal, making allergic reactions quite uncommon.

Are there alternative materials for dental implants?

Yes, there are a few modern alternatives for those considering dental implants, each with its unique properties and advantages. 


Crafted from a single block of zirconia, these monolithic zirconia implants highlight both the beauty and practical advantages of the material. Not only are they tough and unlikely to crack, but they also match perfectly with your natural teeth, making them a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their smile without compromise. However, they tend to cost more than their titanium counterparts, and there’s some debate among dental professionals about how well they perform in the long run and whether they’re the right fit for everyone.

Ceramic materials

Advanced ceramics (other than zirconia) are used in some dental implants for their biocompatibility and aesthetic qualities. They’re known for their resistance to wear and staining, ensuring the implant remains visually appealing over time. For, instance, ceramic crowns are a wise choice for those who prioritize appearance. However, they are typically used in combination with titanium or zirconia implant posts for added strength.

What criteria to consider when choosing implant materials?

Choosing the right implant material involves considering various factors:

  • Patient-specific factors: Factors like bone density and allergies play a significant role in material selection. For folks with sensitivities to metals, zirconia or ceramic implants could be the way to go. Meanwhile, if you’re in need of added strength or have particular bone conditions, titanium implants might be the better option.
  • Prosthetic considerations: It’s not just about the implant itself; the material for the prosthetic part, like the crown, needs to match up too. Especially for those front teeth, how things look—the color and overall appearance—really matters. True specialists take all this into account to make sure the end result doesn’t just work well but also looks great.
  • Durability: The lasting success of dental implants really hinges on how durable the materials are. Every option has its perks, but knowing about their lifespan and any possible hitches is key. This is why experienced dentists guide patients in making the best choice for their unique circumstances.

Are there alternative materials for dental implantsWho offers the finest dental implants in Poway & the area?

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