Dental Emergencies: What They Are & How to Handle Them


How do you know if it's a dental emergency

Everyone’s experienced the discomfort of an acute tooth problem at least once in their lives. Such conditions aren’t only intensely unpleasant. They may also signal that there’s something seriously wrong, which may understandably make you worried and anxious. However, discomfort isn’t always a reason to panic, especially if it’s mild.

Read on to get to know the difference between a dental emergency and other dental issues.  If you still aren’t sure if your condition warrants an emergency visit to a dental specialist, it’s best to have an appointment as soon as possible anyway. You may need a same-day emergency extraction, which should be no problem if you live in the Temecula region, with top oral surgeons at your disposal.

What is considered a dental emergency? What is considered a dental emergency 

There are a few conditions that frequently urge people to make an emergency dental appointment:

  • You feel tooth discomfort without a known cause: If you have a toothache with a sudden onset and unknown causes, you may wish to have the problem diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. 
  • You’re experiencing swelling and bleeding: If your gums, mouth, or jaw are swollen and there’s bleeding going on, this is a major reason to visit a dental office. Some type of infection is the most likely culprit.
  • Your filling or crown is missing: Missing crowns or fillings expose your tooth, making it more susceptible to different conditions. This is why it’s important to have them replaced quickly.
  • Your tooth is infected: Infections sometimes lead to abscess, pain, swelling, and sensitive lymph nodes. If left untreated, they can seriously jeopardize your health. These symptoms are a red flag and require immediate dental care.

How do you know if it’s a dental emergency?

Not every uncomfortable dental condition is an emergency or calls for an emergency tooth extraction or another urgent intervention. Here are some of the signs that yours could require an emergency dental appointment:

  • Severe pain: There’s no need to endure intense pain. This is a clear sign that there’s a condition that a specialist needs to attend to.
  • Tooth loss: Have you sustained an injury to your mouth and lost a tooth as a result? If you receive treatment quickly, your tooth may be salvaged.
  • Loose teeth: They could be a telltale sign of an underlying condition, which has to be assessed by a dental professional.
  • Bleeding: Stopping bleeding, especially if it’s profuse, is always a top priority, so it should be looked at by a specialist.
  • Abscess: Since it happens as a result of an infection, abscess can indicate that there’s something serious going on.

What isn’t a dental emergency?

If your toothache is mild or you have a problem such as a chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt, it’s very likely an issue that can wait. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. Instead, schedule a dental appointment at your earliest convenience. This way, you’ll prevent the problem from exacerbating.

Who can perform a safe same-day emergency extraction in Temecula?

What isn't a dental emergency

Even if you take all precautions, dental emergencies can’t always be avoided. If you’re struggling with intense discomfort or another worrying symptom, you need a qualified expert to rely on. Here at Temecula Center for Dental Implants, Dr. Tsvetov performs safe and effective wisdom tooth extractions as well as streamlined dental implant placement.

Patients across Temecula, San Jacinto, and other areas of Riverside County can count on our quality care, vast experience, and compassionate bedside manner. We’re at your disposal for easy scheduling, a free initial evaluation, thorough diagnostics, and tailored, expertise-based treatment. Give us a call!