Emergency Tooth Extractions: Top 5 Causes


Timely prevention is the key to excellent dental health. If a problem occurs, dental experts do everything they can to preserve the patient’s natural teeth. Extractions are usually used as a last resort, only once all the other conservative methods have failed. 

Tooth removal is sometimes the only remaining option at your disposal. An experienced emergency oral surgeon in Temecula will successfully perform it and take further steps to ensure your dental health. However, it’s still best to understand the possible causes of emergency extractions and learn what you can do to avoid them.

What causes emergency tooth extractions? What causes emergency tooth extractions 

There are multiple conditions that could lead to an emergency tooth removal. While your doctor will always try to restore the health of your tooth before suggesting an extraction, there are certain situations where this may be inevitable. Sometimes, it can be considered an emergency and done on the same day because the patient’s in pain and their condition is likely to worsen.

1. Impacted wisdom teeth

Your third molars are at risk of impaction because they erupt later in life (typically in your early twenties) and there’s usually little room left for them to form properly. This is why they often cause crowding of adjacent teeth. Sometimes, they don’t emerge completely and then they’re said to be impacted. If your wisdom tooth causes intense pain and swelling, you may need to get it removed urgently.

2. Crowding

If your teeth aren’t aligned properly, you may need to have one or a few of them extracted to begin orthodontic treatment. Crowded teeth occur because the jaw is too small to accommodate all of them. Tooth extraction can create additional room in your jaw and contribute to orthodontic success.

3. Periodontitis

Periodontal disease begins with the inflammation of the gums, which can be effectively treated before it creates severe problems. However, if the condition advances, it can prompt emergency tooth removal. Its symptoms include gum swelling and redness, bleeding gums, difficulty chewing, and receding gum tissues. Since it makes your gums recede and leaves a larger portion of your teeth exposed, they lose support and sometimes require an extraction.

4. Advanced tooth decay

Having a cavity doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to get your tooth removed. In most cases, your doctor will restore the tooth with a filling or a crown. However, if most of your tooth is affected, your doctor may not be able to save it. To prevent decay from becoming a severe problem, practice proper oral hygiene and schedule a dental appointment as soon as you notice anything suspicious.

5. Cracked tooth under gums

Your tooth may fracture because of trauma or if you have a large filling or root canal that has destabilized it. If the tooth breaks below the gum line, you may feel discomfort, sensitivity, and swelling. This type of fracture is a common reason for an emergency tooth removal because this prevents further complications, including infections.

Who’s the best emergency oral surgeon in Temecula?

Emergency Tooth Extractions Top 5 Causes

Temecula Center for Dental Implants is a leading dental office in the Temecula region. If you live near Paloma Del Sol Park or elsewhere in the area, and you experience discomfort or another worrying symptom, let us know. If it’s a potential dental emergency, Dr. Tsvetov will do his best to see you on the very same day. Depending on the results of your dental exam, he will suggest suitable treatment, which may include a quick and precise emergency tooth extraction.

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