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Looking for safe wisdom teeth surgery in the area?

Mira Mesa and its surroundings are well-known for Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov’s wisdom teeth removal, but his skills don’t end there. He’s also a master of implant dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery. As a unified team, we focus on giving our patients a positive experience, ensuring each procedure, including the delicate task of tooth extraction, is carried out with kindness, mindfulness, and utmost care.

The steps we follow are simple yet thorough. We begin with an initial chat, move on to a complete evaluation of your dental health, take the necessary X-rays, and remove any impacted wisdom teeth as necessary. Post-procedure, our aftercare team is right there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In need of instant care & on-the-spot consultation?

If you’re struggling with issues such as abscesses, extreme gum inflammation, or decay surrounding your teeth, it’s crucial to seek treatment for impacted wisdom teeth in Mira Mesa without delay. Taking action immediately to counteract all negative effects of procrastination is crucial. Take advantage of Dr. Tsvetov’s same-day consultation, comprehensive assessment, and swift extraction. Moreover, he uses cutting-edge technology to alleviate discomfort as soon as possible.


Why are we the ideal choice for your wisdom teeth extraction in Mira Mesa?


When a maxillofacial and oral surgeon performs tooth extraction in Mira Mesa, it’s relatively painless and strain-free.


Be it a single wisdom tooth or all four, you can trust Dr. Tsvetov to perform a gentle and stress-free removal.


We’ll carefully assess each situation to craft a removal strategy and treatment plan that suits you best.


Our cutting-edge technology sets the stage for precise diagnosis and care for our community.


Dr. Tsvetov provides every patient with comprehensive aftercare advice and thorough follow-ups to monitor their recovery.


Opting for professional extraction helps you protect your health, reducing complications to a minimum.

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Seeking a safer path for impacted wisdom teeth removal?

Every patient that walks through our doors is given VIP treatment. Here’s a glimpse into what Dr. Dmitry’s process for wisdom teeth removal in Mira Mesa encompasses:

  • Our journey starts with detailed cone beam scans and X-rays, providing us with a 360-degree view of your dental health.
  • Next, we dive into a meticulous oral evaluation..
  • In our initial meet-up, we delve into your needs and align our expectations. Also, we pore over your previous health records, obtaining a deeper understanding of your overall wellness.
  • We also consider your existing health situation and any ongoing treatments to ensure nothing interferes with a successful procedure.
  • Together, we’ll explore potential treatment pathways, empowering you to make the best choice.
  • We maintain an open line of communication throughout, addressing any questions or worries promptly.
  • Lastly, we discuss modern techniques in pain management and anesthesia, keeping your comfort at the forefront of our priorities.

Which anesthesia options are available for wisdom teeth extraction?

Putting off your surgical procedure can lead to unexpected obstacles and prolonged discomfort. However, we provide an array of anesthetic solutions for wisdom teeth removal in Mira Mesa and surrounding areas. These include local and general anesthesia, along with intravenous sedation. Our method not only minimizes pain during surgery but sets you on a quick road to recovery. So why let any hesitations linger? Step forward, get in touch, and secure your well-being with us.

Reliable wisdom teeth removal specialist in Mira Mesa

Discover firsthand why Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov and his stellar team of specialists have become the go-to choice for individuals grappling with dental dilemmas. Give us a call to arrange for wisdom teeth removals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speeding up your recovery process following wisdom teeth extraction in Mira Mesa can be achieved through several methods:

  • Rest and relax: Ensure you get plenty of rest after the surgery. Avoid physical exertion or heavy lifting that could cause the surgical area to bleed or swell up more.
  • Ice pack application: Applying ice packs on the outside of your mouth intermittently can help reduce swelling.
  • Healthy diet: Stick to soft, easy-to-chew foods like soups, yogurts, mashed potatoes, and smoothies initially. Slowly transition back to your regular diet as your mouth heals.
  • Follow medication directions: Adhere to all the post-operative instructions and prescribed medications from your surgeon, including antibiotics or pain relievers.
  • Good oral hygiene: While you should avoid brushing the surgical site for a day or two, it’s crucial to keep the rest of your mouth clean to prevent infection.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol: Refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol as they can interfere with the healing process.

Impacted wisdom teeth, those unable to emerge or develop properly, can cause various dental issues. Their removal is key to avoid complications like tooth misalignment, damage to nearby teeth, oral infections, and potential cysts or tumors. This procedure also provides relief from discomfort and prevents sinus issues. However, extraction isn’t always necessary and is typically recommended when these teeth cause discomfort or pose a threat to overall oral health.

While it’s natural to feel a bit anxious about having your wisdom teeth removed, you can put your mind at ease. Yes, you may feel some discomfort as the anesthesia wears off a few hours post-procedure, but it’s manageable and nothing more than a slight inconvenience. Swelling can occur too, but we’ve got medications to handle that.

Dr. Tsvetov, our wisdom teeth removal specialist in Mira Mesa, will walk you through the entire process, ensuring you understand what’s going on, the kind of discomfort you might experience, and the best ways to speed up your recovery.

After wisdom teeth removal, it’s essential to stick to a diet of soft foods to avoid irritating the extraction site and to make chewing easier while your mouth is healing. Here are some food suggestions:

  • Soups: Warm (not hot) broths are gentle on your mouth and also provide necessary hydration.
  • Purees and mashed foods: Mashed potatoes, mashed avocado, or apple sauce are great choices.
  • Soft fruits: Bananas or peaches are both nutritious and easy to eat.
  • Yogurt and pudding: These provide some protein and are gentle on the mouth.
  • Smoothies: A cold smoothie can help to numb and soothe your mouth. Just avoid using a straw as it can dislodge the blood clot that forms after extraction (this is known as a dry socket).
  • Scrambled eggs: They are soft, easy to chew, and high in protein.

Well-respected in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov brings his unique touch to wisdom teeth removal for folks living in and around the area, be it Hemet, or any other part of Temecula. His rich experience and impressive credentials equip him to manage even the most challenging of extractions.

His philosophy is to treat each patient individually, creating a tailored treatment plan based on their specific needs. This is why Scripps Ranch residents trust us with their wisdom teeth worries and why those in Poway make the journey to our clinic for their extractions. And we’re not just limited to these areas – we’re here for everyone in the region. Feel free to give us a call and arrange your first meeting as soon as you’re ready.