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We perform careful and safe wisdom teeth extraction

We foster a pleasant and caring environment for ensuring our patients are free from all stress during removal. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov is a reputable specialist for wisdom teeth removal in San Jacinto and across Riverside County. He has the experience and knowledge to aptly perform different dentoalveolar interventions and placement of dental implants. What’s more, he’s adept at complicated maxillofacial and oral surgeries.

Dr. Tsvetov performs an initial examination and consultation to carefully review current oral conditions and potential treatments. After a detailed X-ray scan, he will establish a correct diagnosis and design a personalized treatment plan that suits your case. Then, Dr. Tsvetov will carefully explain the entire procedure and follow-up care to make sure you’re familiar with all the important details. Finally, he’ll decide if you require same-day treatment.

Same-day consultation & removal for prompt emergency care

If you’re suffering from abscess, teeth decay, or severe inflammation of the gum tissue around your wisdom teeth, you need to undergo immediate extraction in San Jacinto or the area. Delaying your procedure will worsen all existing problems and help the development of new ones. Dr. Tsvetov follows a procedure that enables same-day consultation, examination, and removal through use of cutting-edge methods and technology. This way, you’re receiving prompt care and the necessary relief from pain and discomfort.


Why choose our expert for your wisdom teeth removal


Our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced maxillofacial and oral surgeon will perform the extraction and ensure minimal discomfort.


Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov specializes in quick and caring wisdom teeth removal for a stress-free procedure that enables fast recovery.


Dr. Tsvetov thoroughly assesses each case to determine the best course of action and create a personalized removal plan.


We implement advanced technology and methods to ensure accurate diagnostic and suitable & successful treatment.


Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov provides ample advice on proper aftercare and offers comprehensive follow-up care to all his patients.


Professional extraction minimizes risk of adverse complications and ensures your health and safety.

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We reduce the chance of complications & bring favorable results

Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov applies dependable techniques for a successful outcome and favorable aftercare period for patients across San Jacinto and other surrounding communities. He ensures you’re secure and comfortable during the procedure and that your removal transpires gently and without pain or discomfort. Dr. Tsvetov combines his extensive knowledge and experience to give his patients favorable outcomes. He has created a comprehensive approach to wisdom teeth removal that consists of:

  • Free X-rays and cone beam scans
  • Comprehensive assessment of your oral and dental conditions
  • Completely free & thorough first consultation
  • Detailed assessment of patients’ medical histories
  • Examination of all ongoing treatments and existing conditions
  • Creation of proper treatment for every individual case
  • Answers to all concerns and questions
  • Explanations for available pain management & anesthesia options

Peaceful removal with multiple effective anesthesia options

Postponing your wisdom teeth extraction can cause serious issues, as well as prolonged pain, discomfort, and unpleasantness. Dr. Tsvetov provides a wide selection of effective anesthetic choices, including general and local anesthesia, as well as IV sedation. They will minimize your pain during removal and help you experience a serene procedure. The sooner you extract, the sooner you’ll be pain-free!

Your gentle wisdom teeth removal specialist in San Jacinto

We offer free-of-charge first consultation with a maxillofacial and oral surgeon capable of assessing your individual case and creating a custom plan of your extraction. Reach out to us today and see why patients across Temecula Valley and other surrounding communities come to us to restore their dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergoing wisdom teeth removal in San Jacinto is most important for prevention of more serious issues. What’s more, this procedure ensures numerous benefits for your health, including:

  • Less crowding for fewer orthodontic issues
  • No damage to any nearby teeth
  • Lower risk of oral inflammation and various diseases
  • Lessened orofacial pain
  • Prevention of tumors, jaw damage, and cysts

However, this is sometimes a necessity due to one or several of the following dental and oral problems:

  • Issues with your sinuses
  • Swollen gums and formation of cavities
  • Improper teeth alignment due to impacted wisdom teeth
  • Various issues with gum tissue
  • Teeth decay
  • Partial growth
  • Overgrown wisdom teeth
  • General pain and discomfort

The difficulty of the procedure for wisdom teeth extraction depends on the shape of their roots and their position within the mouth. That is why all reputable specialists in San Jacinto and the region first perform detailed examination and scanning to ensure they develop the right strategy for each particular case.

However, an experienced and dedicated specialist will make even the most difficult removal easy and painless. At our office, our maxillofacial and oral surgeon, Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov, has the experience and the skills for successfully completing a range of complex procedures. We will make your extraction smooth.

No, experienced wisdom teeth removal specialists from San Jacinto or the area will never break your jaw in order to remove them. This is one of the most common misconceptions that turn people away from this pain-free and beneficial procedure. With the correct use of suitable anesthesia options, your extraction will transpire painlessly and with minimal discomfort.

The recovery period after extraction is essential for fast recovery. In order to enhance the healing process, you should:

  • Gently bite down on a gaze if there’s bleeding during the initial 24 hours.
  • Place ice on your cheek and jaw if you experience pain or discomfort.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene during the recovery period.
  • Eat soft foods packed with nutrients to ease swelling.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Follow the advice of your oral surgeon on the medication to take.

Also, you should refrain from:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating sugary candy
  • Resorting to crunchy and hard food
  • Smoking real or e-cigarettes

Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov performs specialized and caring procedures for removing wisdom teeth in Temecula and all other nearby communities, such as San Jacinto and Fallbrook. He is experienced, knowledgeable, qualified, and ready to tackle different complex extractions.

He is a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who always designs a personalized approach to each patient’s particular case. This is why patients from Escondido trust us to remove their wisdom teeth and why residents of Bonsal come to our clinic for wisdom teeth extraction. We’re also here for patients across the region, so feel free to give us a call today and schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible.