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Our professional extraction ensures a quick & predictable recovery period.

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Our wisdom teeth extraction is gentle and safe

Our office nurtures a caring, pleasant, and safe approach to removals that allows our patients to have a peaceful and fast experience with a favorable outcome. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov is an authority on wisdom teeth removal in Hemet and other communities in Riverside County. He is capable of performing a variety of dentoalveolar and implantation procedures, and he is also adept at oral and maxillofacial surgery.

We carefully consult all our patients and perform a detail-oriented assessment of their current medical conditions. This initial process includes X-ray scanning, accurate diagnosis, as well as the creation of personalized treatment plans. Dr. Tsvetov carefully explains the removal procedure and essential aftercare process for a faster and easier recovery period. At the end, we will determine whether the urgency of your procedure requires our same-day method.

Our emergency care ensures same-day consults & extractions

If you’re experiencing acute gum tissue inflammation, abscess, or severe teeth decay, it’s vital to schedule immediate impacted wisdom teeth removal. Delaying this procedure will only cause additional and more severe problems. Dr. Tsvetov provides same-day examination and extraction to all patients in Hemet and the region. He is here to put his knowledge and experience to use and help you receive relief from your ongoing pain and discomfort.


Why contact us for your wisdom teeth removal


You can rely on an experienced maxillofacial and oral surgeon to perform the removal with minimal discomfort and uneasiness.


Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov implements a high degree of care and precision when performing efficient and professional extractions.


Dr. Tsvetov will first carefully assess each individual case and design a tailored approach for predictable recovery.


We make good use of the latest technology to make sure we give accurate diagnosis and provide adequate treatments.


When the procedure is done, Dr. Tsvetov gives his patients all the necessary advice on aftercare and offers follow-up assistance.


Competent surgical extraction of wisdom teeth minimizes the risk of infection, as well as other potential complications.

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We minimize risk of possible complications for lasting trust

Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov is a respectable, educated, and qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and dental expert who serves patients in Hemet and other surrounding communities. He takes the time to evaluate individual cases and proposes adequate treatments. Dr. Tsvetov implements a comprehensive approach when performing wisdom teeth removal and ensures every patient is both comfortable and safe in the chair. What’s more, he grants his patients favorable aftercare through a set of detailed and individualized protocols. Our process consists of:

  • Free X-ray and cone beam scans
  • In-depth examination of the patient’s oral and dental history
  • Free-of-charge initial consultation
  • Comprehensive inspection of a patient’s medical history
  • Analysis of all ongoing treatments and current medical conditions
  • Choosing the most adequate treatment for the patient’s specific situation
  • Providing answers to all questions and addressing the patient’s concerns
  • Providing explanations on all the available options for pain management and anesthesia

Peaceful removal with a range of anesthesia options

Delaying wisdom teeth removal surgery heightens the risk of serious and unwanted complications, as well as prolonged pain. Our clinic ensures maximum patient comfort through a selection of modern anesthesia solutions, such as local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and IV sedation. All these options will significantly reduce your in-chair pain and discomfort and provide a solid basis for an efficient and predictable period of post-procedure recovery.

Meet the best of wisdom teeth extraction specialists in Hemet & the region

We offer a completely free first consultation with a caring, experienced, and knowledgeable oral and maxillofacial surgeon who makes complex extractions transpire swiftly and easily. Reach out to us today and see why many patients from Temecula and the surrounding regions of Riverside County, Hemet included, always turn to Dr. Tsvetov for their dental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergoing wisdom teeth removal in Hemet or anywhere in the area should transpire without any pain. The reason for this is your choice of different anesthesia options that eliminate the majority of discomfort and pain during the procedure.

At our office, you get a choice of three anesthesia solutions, including local, general, and IV sedation. For example, choosing local anesthesia will leave you with a slight feeling of pressure during the procedure.

If you choose IV sedation or general anesthesia, you will be completely unaware of the surgery until it’s over. However, you will start feeling discomfort as the anesthetic starts to wear off. But don’t worry, we’ll also explain how to manage the pain and enhance your recovery.

The period after your wisdom teeth removal can be painful and make it a bit difficult to get some sleep, at least during the first couple of days. That is why you should follow a few simple steps to ensure you get some much needed sleep:

  • Try sleeping on your side during the first night, as sleeping on your back could cause additional swelling.
  • Keep your head elevated during the first several nights after the extraction by adding a pillow when sleeping on your side.
  • Keep to the proscribed aftercare protocols to enhance your post-surgery sleep.

In order to facilitate your healing process and hasten your recovery after your wisdom teeth extraction in Hemet, you should do the following:

  • Take the medication as instructed by the specialist
  • Use ice packs on the area to reduce discomfort and swelling
  • Don’t brush your teeth during the first 24 hours and make sure not to injure the affected area
  • Refrain from all strenuous activities as they can affect the formation of the blood clot
  • Don’t smoke for no less than 72 hours after the removal

The duration of the recovery period is highly individual and varies from one case to another. Generally, it can take as much as 3-4 days to fully recover after your wisdom teeth removal. However, you can shorten this by choosing a reputable specialist who combines ample knowledge and advanced technology to ensure the best possible outcome.

Also, you should closely follow all prescribed aftercare protocols and you should experience a shorter recovery period.

Dr. Dmitry Tsvevot specializes in performing caring and expertise-based wisdom teeth removals in Temecula and the surrounding communities of Hemet, Menifee, and other regions. He has the skills, the experience, and the knowledge to handle a wide range of complex procedures.

Additionally, Dr. Tsvetov aims to free all patients from the pain and discomfort by providing professional care and ensuring a predictable recovery. He ensures immediate relief with same-day consultations and extractions which prevents the development of more serious problems in the future.

Finally. Dr. Tsvetov is a Board Certified Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon who designs a tailored approach to each individual case. Learn why patients from Perris choose our wisdom teeth extraction clinic and why we’re a respected choice for wisdom teeth removal in Winchester and across the area. Call today!