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Restore your oral health with expert wisdom teeth removal

Temecula Center for Dental Implants is one of the leading centers of its kind in Winchester and the nearby areas. Patients come to us to improve their health, comfort, and confidence with precise removal. Thanks to Dr. Tsvetov’s extensive training and unwavering dedication, you will put a stop to the inconveniences caused by declining dental health.

We perform different kinds of maxillofacial and oral surgery as well as implant placements and dentoalveolar procedures. Your doctor will ensure that you’re safe and comfortable throughout the course of treatment. Count on the highest standard of care and excellent results.

We conduct seamless wisdom teeth surgery

If you experience pain, suffer from oral infections or gum disease, or have other symptoms of impacted teeth, surgery is strongly recommended. Your treatment begins with a free initial assessment, where Dr. Tsvetov performs a comprehensive dental exam, delves deeper into your medical history, analyzes a panoramic image of your teeth, etc. This enables him to determine whether a removal is necessary.

Thanks to the latest developments in the field of pain management, your tooth can be safely and comfortably extracted even if you’re in acute pain. Performing the procedure immediately will spare you additional discomfort and prevent further complications.


Benefits of scheduling professional wisdom teeth extraction


It reduces crowding and the deterioration of adjacent teeth, saving you from further orthodontic issues.


Dr. Tsvetov can seamlessly and successfully perform complex procedures like impacted wisdom teeth extraction.


Dr. Tsvetov creates a unique treatment plan for every patient, ensuring that the procedure addresses your concerns.


Cutting-edge imaging technology enables us to assess the condition of important structures in the mouth.


You can discuss your needs with your specialist and reach the best decision when it comes to removing one of all wisdom teeth.


Your recovery will go smoothly and safely with a suitable aftercare plan and the careful guidance of your doctor.

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Get a detailed evaluation by our specialist

Before the actual surgery takes place, our patients in Winchester and the vicinity first undergo an in-depth evaluation. Its purpose is to check if wisdom teeth removal is the right solution for you. This initial consultation is free of charge for most procedures. Typically, your doctor will:

  • Evaluate your dental health in detail
  • Take a closer look at your general health
  • Perform panoramic imaging and other diagnostics
  • Get to know what medication you take
  • Present you with your anesthesia options
  • Talk to your about the procedure
  • Tell you more about aftercare and recovery

Our process is designed to maximize your comfort

When you meet with Dr. Tsvetov, you’ll go over multiple types of anesthetics, like general anesthesia, local anesthesia, and IV sedation, to choose the option that works for you. Your treatment plan will be based on panoramic imaging, which allows the surgeon to assess your oral health in-depth. Since you’ll be in the competent hands of an experienced wisdom tooth removal specialist in Winchester, you can count on minimal discomfort and effective clinical outcomes.

Trusted wisdom teeth removal specialist in Winchester & beyond

Impacted wisdom teeth can generate a lot of problems for a patient, which is why surgical removal is usually the only way to protect their oral health. At our center, you’ll receive a custom treatment plan based on sophisticated imaging and the extensive knowledge of Dr. Tsvetov. You’ll be patiently and diligently cared for so that the process is as comfortable as possible for you. Your recovery will also be monitored to make sure you come out of the process as a happier, more carefree individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is something to be discussed with your removal specialist in Winchester. After assessing your condition, they’ll opt for a strategy that matches your needs and explain the reasoning behind it. Sometimes, if only one or some of the teeth are causing problems, your surgeon may recommend you only have those removed.

However, even if they’re healthy now, your third molars are very likely to cause issues in the future, including infections, damage to other teeth, and gum disease. This is why experts generally recommend the extraction of all four of them.

In general, it’s advisable to have your wisdom teeth checked out between the ages of 16 and 19. Your specialist will then tell you if they’re coming in properly or if they require surgical removal. If there are signs of crowding, infection, or impaction, it’s best to have them extracted sooner rather than later. Younger people heal more easily and the extraction is simpler because their jaw bone and the roots of their teeth are softer.

If you decide against impacted wisdom teeth removal, you may face multiple dental health problems, such as:

  • Cavities: Since the area at the back of your mouth is difficult to clean, your third molars are prone to cavities.
  • Pericoronitis: The gums that surround them can develop swelling and infection.
  • Cysts: An impacted tooth, which can’t fully emerge, can contribute to the formation of cysts. They can affect the bone and gums.
  • Malocclusion: Third molars that aren’t coming in properly may damage the nearby teeth and mess up their alignment.

Patients from Winchester and the nearby region can schedule their free evaluation appointment with Dr. Tsvetov and find out more about the possible consequences of not having your surgery.

No, your face shape won’t be affected by your wisdom teeth surgery. While this is a common concern our patients from Winchester have, it is completely unfounded. The extraction doesn’t contribute to bone deterioration in any way whatsoever, so it can’t alter the appearance of your face. You may only notice some swelling in the days following the surgery, but it will subside as you heal and there will be no permanent changes to your looks.

We are the go-to place for patients looking for wisdom teeth removal in Temecula and the surrounding areas, including Winchester. Dr. Tsvetov uses cutting-edge methods and his vast knowledge of maxillofacial surgery to perform every procedure precisely and correctly. No matter the complexity of the surgery or your individual needs, he will be able to eliminate the cause of your discomfort and ensure your swift recovery.

Once you’re free of pain and worry, you’ll be ready to explore Palomar Mountain State Park and visit the Palomar Observatory. See for yourself why we’re the top-rated provider of wisdom teeth surgery in the Wildomar area and the most popular clinic for wisdom teeth treatment among Menifee patients, as well as across the region. Call us today to schedule your appointment!