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We ensure a slow & caring wisdom teeth extraction

We emphasize a caring, pleasant, and considerate environment that provides our patients with a stress-free experience during their extraction. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov is a respected specialist in wisdom teeth extraction in Fallbrook and all the nearby communities of Riverside County. He’s adept at performing a wide range of dentoalveolar procedures and implantations, and he has ample experience with complex oral and maxillofacial surgical interventions.

Dr. Tsvetov first carries out an initial consultation and examination of the patient’s existing medical conditions and ongoing treatments. After an X-ray and setting a precise diagnosis, he will create a tailored treatment approach for your specific case. After that, Dr. Tsvetov will share the details of the procedure and the aftercare protocol to ensure you have minimal uneasiness and risk of complications. At the end, he will decide whether a one-day approach is necessary.

Efficient emergency care with one-day consults & removals

All individuals who are experiencing abscess, gum tissue inflammation surrounding wisdom teeth, and serious decay need to schedule an immediate removal in Fallbrook or the region. Postponing the procedure will only cause the existing issues to worsen and new problems to appear. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov has designed a process that features one-day consultation, inspection, and extraction using advanced technology and experience for your comfort.


Benefits of our competent wisdom teeth removal


A qualified and skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon will perform the removal and ensure there’s minimal pain and discomfort.


Dr. Tsvetov is adept at performing fast and caring removals of wisdom teeth for a procedure without any stress.



Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov carefully inspects every case and creates a personalized removal process for each specific situation.


Our clinic uses cutting-edge technology to make sure the diagnostic is accurate and the treatment is adequate and successful.


Dr. Tsvetov advises all patients on the correct aftercare procedures and provides extensive follow-up care.


Undergoing professional surgical extraction of your wisdom teeth will place risks of different complications at a minimum.

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Low potential for complications for a bond that last

Dr. Tsvetov performs expert wisdom teeth removals by applying tried-and-tested techniques that ensure a favorable outcome and a predictable aftercare to all his patients from Fallbrook and other nearby areas. He makes sure that all patients receive a comfortable in-chair experience and a gentle extraction. Dr. Tsvetov combines modern technology and all of his expertise and knowledge to give every patient the same level of treatment. He has a comprehensive approach that includes the following procedures:

  • Completely free cone beam and X-ray scanning
  • Detail-oriented dental and oral assessment
  • In-depth and free-of-charge first consultation
  • Comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history
  • Examination of current medical conditions and any ongoing treatments
  • Design of suitable treatment for patient’s specific case
  • Addressing patient’s concerns and answering questions
  • Explaining all available anesthesia and pain management solutions

Serene extraction with an array of anesthesia solutions

Choosing to postpone your wisdom teeth removal can only cause adverse effects that cause a prolonged recovery and additional unpleasantness. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov offers a range of cutting-edge anesthesia solutions, ranging from local and general anesthesia to IV sedation. All these options are highly effective at minimizing in-chair pain and discomfort and ensuring each patient has a predictable after-surgery period. Extracting today equals comfort tomorrow!

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Our clinic provides free initial consultations with an experienced, understanding, and qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon proficient at successfully performing complicated removals. Give us a call today and see why we’re the preferred choice among patients from the entire Temecula Valley and its surrounding communities, including Fallbrook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adequately preparing for your wisdom teeth removal will ensure you receive a more favorable outcome after the procedure. At our office, we advise our patients from Fallbrook and the area to prepare for the extraction by following these instructions:

  • No drinking or eating during the morning or the afternoon of the surgery for 6 hours or longer. A full stomach can increase risk of anesthetic complications such as vomiting or nausea.
  • If you’re a smoker, we advise no smoking for at least 12 hours prior to the surgery.
  • Remember to honestly disclose all the prescribed and over-the-counter medication you’re taking to avoid further unwanted complications with anesthetics.
  • Try to wear comfortable and stretchy clothing for the procedure.
  • Remove your contact lenses and wear glasses instead.

You should eat after visiting your wisdom teeth removal specialist in Fallbrook. However, you have to pay close attention to the foods you eat and the foods you need to avoid eating. After surgery, you should stick to foods such as:

  • Apple sauce
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Blended soups and broths
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Ice cream, pudding, and jell-o

On the other hand, you should avoid some foods following your procedure. These include:

  • Spicy and acidic foods, including citruses
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Grains and different types of seeds
  • Difficult-to-chew and hard foods

The pain after undergoing wisdom teeth extraction in Fallbrook will typically begin to fade a day or two following the procedure. However, you could still experience some discomfort and uneasiness for up to two weeks after the removal. That is why it’s essential to closely follow your prescribed aftercare protocols and ensure minimal pain after the surgery.

Once your extraction is done, you should avoid doing the following:

  • Using straws
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Eating hard foods

Dr. Tsvetov is a specialist for performing professional and stress-free wisdom teeth extractions in Temecula and other nearby communities, including Fallbrook and Winchester. He has the experience and the know-how to successfully tackle a range of complicated extractions.

Dr. Tsvetov has Board Certification for Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery and he creates a unique approach to each procedure. That’s why we’re the first choice for wisdom teeth removal in Hemet or why patients from Perris come to our wisdom teeth removal clinic, or anywhere else in the area for that matter. Call us today!