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Get a tailored treatment plan for your wisdom teeth removal

At our office, we manage your wisdom teeth removal in Perris and the region so it’s as easy and comfortable for you as possible. Dr. Dmitry Tsvetov has a long track record of performing complex maxillofacial, dentoalveolar, and other types of oral surgery with outstanding results. His caring and compassionate bedside manner will make you feel at ease.

Before the surgery, you’ll undergo a free initial evaluation so your doctor can diagnose existing issues and craft a custom treatment strategy. Thanks to his advanced methodology and meticulous aftercare, you’ll heal from the procedure quickly and effortlessly. Your risks of gum disease, infection, and other complications caused by impacted wisdom teeth will be eliminated.

Your wisdom teeth surgery will go exactly as planned

If your wisdom teeth are causing you difficulties, such as pain, swelling, bacterial infections, and misalignment of surrounding teeth, surgery is most likely the best strategy for you. Dr. Tsvetov will first do a complete dental check-up, talk to you about your other conditions and current medication, examine a panoramic image of your teeth, and perform other diagnostic steps. This will help him decide if you need a removal.

We consider it our mission to help you and relieve you of acute pain caused by problems with your third molars. This is why we conduct same-day extractions if necessary. We get at the root of your discomfort by removing the affected tooth. This way, further compilations are prevented and your well-being is restored.


Access the advantages of expert wisdom teeth removal


Prevent misalignment, pericoronitis, and other complications with an efficient and caring  procedure.


Impacted wisdom teeth surgery will give you added comfort and alleviate your acute, intermittent, or chronic pain.


Your initial evaluation is free of charge and it covers a wide scope of diagnostic methods to determine your needs.


Sophisticated panoramic imaging lets us see a wide view of all vital oral structures and all four of your teeth.


Dr. Tsvetov is a qualified specialist who has experience performing same-day, individual, and multiple extractions.


With the steady guidance of your experienced doctor, you’ll heal quickly and easily, and soon be able to resume normal activities.

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Nothing escapes the attention of our specialist

Patients from Perris and the nearby areas first have a thorough evaluation appointment, which is free of charge for the majority of our procedures. Its main goal is to see whether you should have wisdom teeth extraction surgery. It generally consists of several steps, like:

  • Evaluating your dental and oral health
  • Discussing your medical history
  • Checking panoramic images or your teeth
  • Considering your medical conditions and the drugs you’re taking
  • Deciding on a suitable pain management strategy
  • Giving you a rundown of the course of the procedure
  • Letting you know what the recovery is like

Your well-being is our top priority

To make sure you’re relaxed during your wisdom teeth removal in the Perris region, your doctor will offer you different types of anesthesia, including general, local, and IV sedation. Together you’ll determine which option is the preferred one for you. You’ll know exactly what to expect because your surgeon will explain the procedure to you step by step beforehand. You can rely on Dr. Tsvetov to keep you safe and maximize your comfort every step of the way.

Top wisdom teeth removal specialist in Perris & the vicinity

Patients with impacted wisdom teeth are in danger of further complications if they don’t undergo a removal procedure. Our center, led by the experienced Dr. Tsvetov, offers the most favorable conditions for your oral surgery to take place. You’ll have a stress-free experience with great, permanent results. Protect your dental health by contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if they come in properly, the likelihood that your wisdom teeth will cause problems is pretty high. This is why a specialist will usually suggest the removal of all four teeth. They can often be extracted during one appointment, so you go through the procedure and healing process only once. However, this is up to you and your surgeon to decide. Some patients would rather get it over with in one go while others prefer doing it gradually.

In general, a seasoned removal specialist in Perris can extract all four of them in about 30 minutes no matter how impacted they are. Tooth removal, even with impaction, is a straightforward procedure for someone with the relevant know-how. A skilled surgeon makes the process expedient, efficient, and comfortable for the patient. The patient is first given anesthetic to prevent discomfort.

To ensure faster recovery, you’ll need to get plenty of rest after your surgery in the Perris area. You may feel some discomfort when the anesthetic starts to wear off. You can use medication to relieve it. Your doctor will tell you what the proper dosage is.

In the first 48 hours after the procedure, you should apply ice packs to the affected area. Later, you can move on to warm packs. After a day has gone by, you can rinse your mouth gently with salt water. You should only eat soft and liquid foods for a few days.

Discomfort will typically disappear after three or four days. However, it may last a couple more days if you’ve had impacted wisdom teeth or another complication. The holes won’t heal for about six weeks after the surgery. There will still be an indentation left, which will fill in after several months. Your specialist will explain the recovery and aftercare in more detail.

We are a leading clinic for efficient and successful wisdom teeth surgery in the Temecula area, including Perris. You can count on Dr. Tsvetov’s knowledge of wisdom teeth procedures in Winchester and caring and empathetic approach to patients in Wildomar, as well as in surrounding areas.

Visit Perris Valley Historical Museum or Perris Theater without being distracted by discomfort or worry. You’ll smile confidently once again!